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  • New Venue for "Open Resource" Scholarship: Open Inquiry Archive
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    Sandra Cheng

    I thought I’d piggyback on Charlie’s post about Kathleen Harris & pedagogy/public scholarship with my own plug for a new online publication, Open Inquiry Archive. If you are interested in publishing a scholarly work related to any aspect of “culture,” please consider this venue. Full disclosure, I am on the editorial board and here is our intentionally broad CFP:

    OIA’s mission is to publish writing that is of interest across disciplinary boundaries among the humanities, arts, and social sciences. Papers may be scholarly investigations that focus on specific aspects of culture and the arts, or they may be speculative or conceptual explorations of culture-related topics.

    Take a look at the first few articles that we’ve published. They represent interdisciplinary approaches and reflect a mix of contributions by junior and senior scholars. At the moment, the journal is a bit heavy on art and art historical topics, but our hopes are to expand across all disciplines. The articles are peer-reviewed, but the process is not blind. The objective is to generate questions and discussion.

    Feel free to contact the editors (there’s a link on the website) or myself with any questions.

    Here is the link:

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