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    Shelley E Smith

    It is very exciting to see all of the interesting ways we are envisioning the OpenLab. My “Preservation Design Studio” is a proposed new course (which I hope to teach one day), and the the project is Fuse Lab, an NSF ATE grant project focused on the integration of emerging technologies and interdisciplinary collaboration into the curriculum of the architecture, engineering and construction programs. We want this project to have a major web presence, with access to policies, examples, external resources, tutorials, video, safety and technical manuals, shop/lab schedules, shared project sites, etc. The project launches September 1 . . . much work to be done!


    Jody R. Rosen

    Great use for the OpenLab! Shelley, would you keep this in the Courses section or in the Projects? Anyone have ideas about that? Is there a way to designate a course as a proposed course? Would it reside in the Projects until the course is approved, at which point it could be migrated to or rebuilt as a course? How great to be able to show colleagues the course you’re developing through the OpenLab–a great presentation tool!


    Prof. Gold

    I agree that this is great. I’d say that it the larger grant presence should be a project, but that course sites can certainly be built out for demonstration purposes.

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