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  • Mysterious comments on OpenLab home page
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    Jonas Reitz

    On several occasions I’ve seen my course (MAT 1175) on the home page under Courses (just below the swipe graphic), highlighting a recent comment. Several times I’ve had the sneaking suspicion, looking at the site later, that I can’t find a comment I saw on the OpenLab home. This happened again today, and I got a screenshot of the OpenLab home (attached). I can’t find this comment in our forums or on our site pages. Is this a bug in the way the home page pulls comments? Or is there some secret area on my site in which comments are piling up without my knowledge? Anyone else have this problem?
    My course page is here:


    Bree Zuckerman

    Hi Jonas,
    Good catch! It looks like there is some kind of error in the home page feed. The comment in your screenshot is actually from Danny’s site:

    We’ll flag it as a bug.

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