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    Prof. Paul King

    Hello Fellow Fellows, (just wanted to type that)

    I have a question regarding how to add students to our courses.

    There are two places that this could possibly be done –

    The first place is on the Dig a Little Deeper Screen > Send Invites

    The second place is within any WordPress site. Site Admin > Users > Add New

    So do we need to do both or just the Dig a Little Deeper Admin?

    To complicate my question I have 7 sites for the course, 1 main site, 1 template for a student individual site and 5 Team sites.

    For the course site I assume I send invites to everyone using “Dig a Little Deeper” or have the students request membership after they create their login.

    For the 5 Team Sites my intention is to make all the team members administrators of these sites – as well as me. I assume I need to do this from within the WordPress Admin Tool.

    For students accessing our Main Course Sites do we invite them from WordPress as well and if so what level of rights should we assign.

    The individual site is used as a template for students to create their own course related websites. For this I have worked it out so they create a site for themselves – delete the default posts and pages and then import my template. This works very well and I used it to clone my team websites. The only glitch is the needs to choose the active menu in the widget when you are done.

    Thanks everyone.



    Charlie Edwards

    Hi Paul,

    I can respond to the adding to courses part of your question. You can either invite students to join or they can request membership under “Dig a Little Deeper” (or just join if it was a public course). When they or you (as applicable) accept the request they’re automatically added as authors to the corresponding site on the WP side.

    Note that they don’t instantly appear to you as users in the admin dashboard for the course site, but they do have access nonetheless. They’ll appear to you when they access the site (all they have to do is browse to the site via the Site link under Dig a Little Deeper and you’ll see them appear as users in the dashboard).

    Hope this helps,



    Charlie is absolutely right, as always.

    In addition, Paul, if I’m following correctly you’ll want to change member roles to administrator on those sites. You can do this under ‘users’ in the left hand navigation bar of your dashboard, chose ‘all users’ and from there you can easily select and change roles of any site member you administrate. You can select all users and change them in a bulk action, if it’s tiresome to change each one.

    You can also–and I might recommend this–change their role to ‘editor’ which gives them all the power of an administrator without the power to, say, accidentally delete the site.


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