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    Marco Gallo

    My name is Marco and I’m an illustration and Graphic Design major here at City Tech. Wanted to start up this group to see if anyone was interested in going on some group runs around the area and getting to know each other and make some friends.

    A little info on me; Running is a big interest of mine. I ran in high school and have kept up running throughout college but on my own to stay in shape. This past year I started running Spartan races with a team of friends and family. We’ve racked up dozens of races and I’m set to finish my first trifecta this coming September! So I’m excited about that. I’ve started working out more intensively to get better at running and to improve during these races.

    The reason I wanted to start this group is because running with a group of people is always more fun. It’s nice to put your head phones on and zone out but running with a group pushes you to improve, and you learn a lot from it as well.

    Hope some of you are interested and are vocal with me about wanting to join! We can start running in the area around the school. I know that the Dumbo area has some really dope spots to run by the water, etc.



    Wendy Rodriguez

    Hey, just wanted to say Keep up the good work!! I have done a hand full of spartan races (sprints and super spartan) However I have been slacking and have not done one in 2+ years. I really enjoyed it. I have gained some weight now and have lost the routine of going to the gym :/. Im married with 4 kids, school, work and home duties has overwhelmed me these past two years. Although I know deep down at the end of the day those are all excuses, I would love to participate in a run. As soon as you get something going please let me know and i will try my best to make it. Good luck

    Spartan finisher image :)


    Marco Gallo

    That’s awesome that you did a few races! Hey those aren’t excuses those are your duties and responsibilities and no one judges you for not having the time with how much you’ve got on your plate you know. Hopefully you can get back into the habit of running and going back to the gym! And hopefully a few people replay and join the group because I really want to get a group of city tech students to go on small runs.

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