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    1. I agree with scientists that many people can be addicted from food as well as from alcohol, drugs, games, cigarettes etc. The most important thing is to speak more about this problem because it is definitely need attention of scientists, doctors and psychologists.
    2. Genetically modified foods? Genetically modified food is very convenient first of all to our government as I mentioned in my research “Think critically”. This made us less participates with nature. Our bodies more comfortable sitting home rather than working hard outside and making natural food for ourselves. People have less physical activities. Plus, instead of three times a day many people have meal four times a day. Also, eat too much junk food, which is easy made, more affordable etc.
    3. Socio-economic status? As every grown person knows that our society made us to separate from each other. It is cultural, religion and status differences. Not many people can afford to buy good healthy food, but have to have more choices to buy cheap products. Therefore, as result we can see that many low class people have problems like obesity, diabetes, and more other very serious health problems. Also, I can say that we live in busy world where people forgot to relax and have plenty of time to eat properly. We always eat fast, where food needs to masticated properly.
    4. Psychological factors? All this factors above might result psychological problem in human. Therefore, people seek for any excuses to cover its need. It can transfer own problem solution to food, drug, or any other unhealthy habits.
    5. What represents the most serious health risk outside US? Overnutrition and Obesity.In China obesity problem is growing very fast as well as in many other countries.

    6. What’s the main problem with too many ingredients? Our culture and families taught us what to eat and what not to. Eventually we have habits to eat same kind of food we grew on. This might lead to nutrient deficiency.
    7. Why would you like ice cream better than cauliflower? As professor of Yale University mentioned, we don’t choose what has good nutrients, but we choose what taste better. Example of it is cauliflower that has nutrients our body needed, but ice cream Haagen-Dazs taste better.)))
    8. Should taxation influence the quality of food we eat? I think that taxation will not help to figure this issue. As by history of our world I can say that society will be kept in two separate worlds: reach and poor. Even if they lower tax on healthy food, they still will find ways us to buy cheap food, because is it best way to do fast money. To dissolve our problem we need to get rid of this problem and sell only healthy food.

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