Nutrition (Bio 3524)

Food addiction?
Food addiction is when a person is very dependent on that certain type of food. The person feels the need to eat that type of food to satisfy their desire. The pleasure sensory in the brain may be triggered by palatable foods such as sugar, salt and fat.

Genetically modified foods?
Foods that have been treated with radiation and/or chemicals to change their DNA.

Socio-economical status?
Culture has changed in many ways and so has the individual people. We all have different mind sets and we were all taught differently and see things differently. We tend to connect food with our emotions, and this relationship has changed over the years because of economic status. In the US, people tend to eat the unhealthy foods because of finance issues.

Psycological factors?
We tend to always go for junk foods because it’s like a stress relief and it makes a person feel better when it fulfills one of its desires/triggers.

What represents the most serious health risk outside the US?
Obesity and overnutrition is a more severe risk outside of the US. It effects our bodies and contributes to diseases to people of all ages. With foods that contain a lot of artificial ingredients, it slows our ability to metabolize.

Whats the main problem with too many ingredients?
It’s harmful to our bodies because we may or may not be able to cope with it.

Why would you like ice cream better than coliflower?
I would choose ice cream over coliflower because of the cold sensation and the sweet taste of it. Personally it gives me a jolly feeling, and since it contains a lot of sugar it will give me a lot of energy to get me up and running.

Should taxation influence the quality of the food we eat?
In my option, I believe that junk foods should be taxed. I always wondered why it always cost more to eat healthy than to eat unhealthy. I would go to the store to buy a grill chicken salad and it would cost me about 8 bucks but if I were to go to Mcdonalds to buy a meal, which contains a sugary drink, French fries, and a burger it would only cost me 4 bucks. I think by taxing only junk foods now would promote healthier eating habits.