Community Assessment

Crown Heights Brooklyn, NY 11225

Community Development/Services

By: Oluyinka Oluwashola

Academic Institutions

There are so many academic institutions that serve the Crown Heights area. We have one public college university called Medgar Evers College that was founded in 1970. It is located on 1650 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225. There are four high schools and they are: Clara Barton High School, Medgar Evers College Preparatory School, International High School at Prospect Heights, and W.E.B. Dubois High School. There are four intermediate public schools: P.S. 375 (Jackie Robinson School), M.S. 61 (Gladstone H Atwell School), P.S. 138, and P.S. 181.  In addition, there is a special school that serves the deaf population of children called St. Francis School for the Deaf located on 260 Eastern Parkway.

Political Institutions

In Crown Heights, there are three political offices. One belongs to New York State Senator, Eric Adams which is located on 1669 Bedford Avenue, Bklyn, NY 11225. The second office is located on 1216 Union Street, Bklyn, NY 1225 and belongs to New York State Assemblyman, Karim Camara. Last but not least, the office of New York City Councilwoman belongs to Darlene Mealy which is located at 1757 Union Street. For more information on political figures in the Crown Heights area, click on this link:


Community Groups/Organizations

4 Real Women International, Inc. 449 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, N.Y. 11216 Telephone: 866-494-4794 x 702

Serves the Crown Heights area

Ages: 18 years and up


4 Real Women International, Inc. (4RWI) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit franchise run by women for women, and their families, with operations in the United States and internationally. 4RWI, Inc. develops and presents innovative and creative insight-gaining programs and activities for women in individual or group settings. They do this through peer-counseling, mentoring, online and on-site workshops, seminars, interventions, and support groups. They challenge women to see that they have a purpose, that they too are agents of change and that they can use their talents and skills to maximize them into possibilities. In so doing, they are able to take their rightful places in society and this world and fulfill their purpose.


Crown Heights Community Mediation Center 256 Kingston Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238
Telephone: 718-773-6886

Our Blog:

Serves the Crown Heights Area
Ages: All

Provides a neutral place where youth and adults can air grievances, settle disputes and work together to achieve common goals. Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Monday—Friday


Crown Heights North Association, Inc.
Telephone: (718) 774-3834

The Crown Heights North Association, Inc. (CHNA) is a charitable organization dedicated to the preservation of the historic buildings of Crown Heights North community and residents. CHNA is also devoted to community revitalization, economic advancement, housing stabilization and cultural enhancement.
Recognizing and respecting the rights of home owners, a major purpose of CHNA is to maintain an ongoing collaboration with community residents and business owners to stabilize and preserve the architectural heritage of the housing stock. CHNA is committed to working with elected representatives, government officials, Community Board 8, and various civic organizations to secure and maintain their support. Crown Heights North Association’s encompassing mission is to highlight the aesthetically valuable legacy of the many historic buildings concentrated in the neighborhood and to preserve the areas marvelous heritage for posterity.


Crown Heights Service Center 121 New York Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11216
Telephone: 718- 774-9800

Serves the Crown Heights area.

Ages: 15-21 years old

Provides educational support and youth leadership programs, education and employment counseling, educational workshops, information and referral, GED tutorials, after school programs, career development and employment assistance. Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday—Friday


Crown Heights Youth Collective 113 Rogers Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11225
Telephone: 718-756-7600

Serves the Crown Heights area.
Ages: All

Provides counseling, homework assistance, recreation, dance, arts & crafts, photography, career development and employment assistance.
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

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By: Oluyinka Oluwashola


Air Quality

Crown Heights, NY Health Index: Air quality in Crown Heights, NY is 44 on a scale to 100 (higher is better). This is based on ozone alert days and number of pollutants in the air, as reported by the EPA. Water quality in Crown Heights, NY is 45 on a scale to 100 (higher is better). The EPA has a complex method of measuring watershed quality using 15 indicators.


Geography & Boundaries

Crown Heights is a neighborhood in the central portion of the New York City borough of Brooklyn. The main thoroughfare through this neighborhood is Eastern Parkway which extends two miles (3 km) east-west. Originally, the area was known as Crow Hill. It was a succession of hills running east and west from Utica Avenue to Classon Avenue, and south to Empire Boulevard and New York Avenue. The name was changed when Crown Street was cut through in 1916.Crown Heights is bounded by Washington Avenue (to the west), Atlantic Avenue (to the north), Howard Avenue (to the east) and Empire Boulevard (to the south). It is about one mile (1.6 km) wide and two miles (3 km) long. Neighborhoods bordering Crown Heights include Prospect Heights to the west, Flatbush to the south, Brownsville to the southeast, and Bedford-Stuyvesant to the north.



By: Rooby Bazile

Crown heights is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, which despite to some ordinary beliefs has changed for the better. In regards to health and wellness, significant changes has come upon for this community. This last is experiencing a lifestyle shift with a greater focus on health and well-being. The upsurge of interest in health in locals, family members or friends being affected by medical issues is due to all the health fair and available medical resources furnished for the community. The 2 main hospitals for this neighborhood are Kings County Health Center and Kingsboro Medical Center. Known for their avid trauma center, and psychiatric clinic, these hospitals have been servicing this community for decades. And based on the “word of mouth”, residents have noticed significant improvement to the presentation of the hospitals and have found the environment more jovial.
Different types of services are available for the community, organization such as Crown Heights Child Health Clinic is just one among many others that help in child and teen health services. Services such as substance abuse centers, mental health centers, maternal health centers, and organizations that help serving underserved groups are available resources that made an impact on the significant improvement that the community has encountered.


Health Disparities

By: Rooby Bazile

Even though changes in regards to healthcare and well-being are remarkable in the community of Crown Heights. Many challenges are confronted along the line. This community is presented with financial problems, immigration status problems, educational problems and these issues definitely have an impact on the healthcare settings. The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) have published an article about top issues confronting hospitals. And there is a direct replica of these issues in the Crown Heights community. Based on the demographical location of this community, most residents have some financial issues or medical insurance issues. Most of the local residents are immigrants, due to the stigma that uninsured or underprivileged will not receive any care and due to lack of information, they tend not to attend the available resources even though resources are available. Stats from ACHE has shown that financial challenges is the no. 1 concern for the last nine years of hospitals CEOs. And also healthcare reform implementation which include medical insurance coverage, is the no. 3 concern behind patient safety and quality.



By: Lizeth Baudin


Most of the houses in the 11225 area of Crown Heights, Brooklyn were built in 1940 or earlier. A great majority of the houses that were constructed in the early 1900’s consisted of Brownstone houses that were made for the growing upper-class residents.

As you walk around the 11225 area of zip code the age of the homes are apparent. However, many owners make a great attempt in the upkeep of the homes. Although, most homes are almost a century old they have great monetary value with an estimate of $600,000+


 Within 1 mile residents of the area have access to the well-known Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Prospect Park. There are also vacant areas within the community where residents plant small gardens.


Residential garden on Franklin Ave.

Many owners/tenants do not have a  front yard. For those that do, plants and flowers are not planted for the most part. It doesn’t seem to be a main priority for the residents of the neighborhood.


By: Lizeth Baudin


According to several zip code based demographics databases the 11225 area of Crown Heights has a population estimate ranging from 60,000 – 63,000 (79.9% Black, 8.9% Hispanic, 6.0% White, and 0.7% Asian, 4.5% Other). Of this number of residents 56% are females and the other 44% are males. The median age of the 11225 populations in 33 years old.


Economic Status/Socioeconomic

The median household income is $30,192 putting this area in the socioeconomic category of the working class. The unemployment percentage is 7.8% and 23.5% for those below the poverty line; which is above the US average.


According to the ARDA (The Association of Religion Data Archives) most people in the Crown Heights neighborhood (not categorized by the 11225 zip code alone) are unclaimed in their faith/religious beliefs. However, most Crown Heights residents identify with Catholicism (623,796) and the second most popular subscribed faith with 131,374 documented is Evangelical Protestant.


In the 25 years or older population 70.8% graduated HS or higher and 15.5% achieved their Bachelors degree. These percentages are below the US average.


Safety Services

By: Samantha Blair

Emergency Contact


Police Precinct

71st Precinct, 421 Empire Blvd., 11225, 718 735 0511.


Fire Department

Fire Company

Engine 249, & Ladder 113, 491 Rogers Ave., 11225, 718 965 8248.

Fire Department

Fire Communications, 35 Empire Blvd., 11225, 718 965 8300.


Post Office

James E. Davis Post Office

Lefferts Station, 315 Empire Blvd., 11225, 718 773 3112.



Sanitation District
Brooklyn South #9, 115 Crown St., 11225, 718 771 6772.

Days of pickup – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Recycle pickup – Every Friday.



SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn, 450 Clarkson Ave., 11203, 718 270 1000

Kings County Hospital Center, 451 Clarkson Ave., 11203, 718 245 3131


Animal & Homeless Shelters


Brooklyn Community Housing

1510 Carroll St. Brooklyn, NY 11213

(718) 953-0525


Women in need inc.

534 Eatern Pkwy


(718) 771-3088


Praxis Housing Initatives Inc

694 Lincoln Pl

New York

(718) 774-6521


Aspire One Young Motivational Speakers

671 Washington Ave

Brooklyn, NY

(516) 444-6945


St John’s Place Family Ctr Hofc

1630 Saint Johns Pl Suite 1,

Brooklyn, NY


Service for the underserved

Monastary senior housing


Shopping/Common Areas

By: Samatha Blair


Haitian food/cuisine

Caribbean Food

Hispanic food

Jewish stores

Dry Cleaning






Golden Krust

Pizza shops

Chinese Food Stores

Nail/Hair Salon (barber shops)

Beauty supply stores

Grocery/supermarkets (Deli, Associated’s Supermarket, Western Beef, Empire Kosher supermarket)

Carroll theatre but now replaced by a church


Veggies & Natural juice bars


Liquor stores



Fruit and Vegetable stands

Shoe stores

Tattoo parlor

Sneaker/shoe Store

Phat Albert



By: Samantha Blair


Crown Heights is served by the IRT Eastern Parkway Line and the IRT Nostrand Avenue Line, with major subway stations at Franklin, Nostrand, Kingston and Utica Avenues (2, 3, 4, 5) and President Street (2, 5). Several bus lines serve the station, including the B12, B14, B17, B43, B44 and B46. The B45, B15 and B65 run north of Eastern Parkway.


Empire Blvd

Eastern Parkway

Lefferts Avenue

Nostrand Avenue

Rogers Avenue

Franklin Avenue

Washington Avenue

New York Avenue

Brooklyn Avenue

Albany Avenue

Schenectady Avenue

Troy Avenue

St Marks Avenue

Utica Avenue

Kingston Avenue

Bedford Avenue

Sterling Street

President Street

Carrol Street

Montgomery Street

Crown Street

Union Street

Sullivan Place

Park Place

Lincoln Place

St John’s Place

Ralph Avenue

Dean Street

Pacific Street

Bergen Street

Parts of Atlantic Avenue


Overall Status of the Community

By: Louis Lesperence

Crown Heights has been a diverse community in the borough of Brooklyn. There are residents from different backgrounds that inhibit this area. From African Americans the largest know pollutions to Hasidic Jews which is at 9 percent. Although diversity can be seen as a positive thing, the community as a whole is surrounded with stores and restaurants that do not promote health. With restaurants such as Mc Donald, White Castle, Popeyes, Wendys these fast food will do more harm than good to the residents. With a low number of markets providing healthy choices locate in this neighborhood, disease such as obesity, heart disorder, and diabetes highly probable. Crown Heights is also known to have one of the largest cases of STI’s within the community.

As for as schools and churches with the area, Crown Heights has many along the stripe. Some notable educational facilities are Medgar Evers College, George W. Wingate High School, and Achievement First Crown Heights Middle School to name a few. The Brooklyn  Museum another facility for educational purpose is located within Crown Heights that provides education for people of all ages. Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a landscape that provides relaxation and educational place for people young and old.


Areas of Strength and Weakness

By: Louis Lesperence

In regards to the weakness that occur within Crown Heights crime, poor health is two major issues. As I said earlier, there are very few stores in which a healthy diet is promoted. The location is full with independent restaurants and fast food chains that will lead to poor health. Crime is unfortunately high within Crown Heights. With events such as the Crown Height Riot where two a young child was kill which caused a riot and a Jew was murdered, the area has not gotten better. Crime is still high within the location but is being minimize with the help of the local officers.

As for the strong of the community there are quite a few. First and foremost there are a variety of school that will benefit students of all ages. From elementary to college Crown Heights has facilities to mole minds. The community has a sufficient amount of libraries located all over Crown Heights. Other than in a school setting the community has buildings that are convenient for students during the vacations and available for individuals who love to read.  Transportation is another positive for Crown Heights community.  There are four train located in the community which provide a sign of convenience that other neighborhoods don’t have. The trains that run through Crown Heights are 2, 3, 4, and 5. As for the buses B12, B14, B17, B43, B44 and B46 B45, B15 and B65 and all form of transportation run relatively well.


Role of the Community Health Nurse

By: Louis Lesperence

Two ways in which community health can benefit the neighborhood of Crown Heights is one providing health awareness program such as annual street fairs. Having the members of the community present in an event such as a fair will help speared the word and educates them while they enjoy the festival. Within the festival there will be free screening, nutritional counseling, and assessment. Another is by starting an organization that focus is to aid the community. With chronic illness on the rise we as nurse need to go throughout the neighborhood and speak on the subject and demonstrate the proper way in managing one’s health.