NUR 4010 FA 2013

Community Nursing has expanded by outlook of working with clients and their families in the community setting and has helped me to grow professionally.  My sensitivity to community issues has increased and as a result will help me serve more effectively as a nurse.  The following narrative is a self reflection of my community nursing experience of how I satisfied my nine clinical objectives this semester.

Objective 1 demonstrates individual professionalism through personal behaviors and appearance.

Clinical overall has been a constructive learning experience for me.  I made sure I drank my light and sweet coffee along with a good breakfast on the mornings of clinical so I could alert and energized for my clinical rotation.  My attendance was on point along with wearing a professional attire the school policy expected of me.  I assumed responsibility for my own learning by seeking guidance from the staff and my professor.  I  completed all assignments, engaging in research and projects related to clinical experience.

Objective 2 is employing analytical reasoning and critical thinking skills when providing care to individuals and families.

Interacting and communicating with soon to be mothers, parents and contrastingly  those who chose to end or who actively did not want to get pregnant was a memorable experience.  I was able to relate culturally for the most part because Kings County is in a community that is  prodominantly caribbean.  The few that were of a different culture and practice, needs were met through communicating with them via a cyracom, along with pamphlets that were available in their native language.  After each teaching session, an evaluation was conducted to see if the client understood what was taught by repeating what was said and  demonstrating skills.  Personal safety principles were utilized while working in the community setting.

Objective 3 is effectively communicating with diverse groups and disciplines using a variety of strategies regarding the health needs of indivuals and families in the community setting.

Communication is an essential¬† in the medical field as a whole.¬† Specifically, there are many different aspects of diversity that influence the way in which we communicate with each other such as religion and spiritual beliefs, personality, sexual identity and upbringing/life experiences to name a few.¬† Expressing one’s self is encouraged in the clinical setting and as a result would enable us to help the client in any way possible.¬† When communicating, I engage the client by maintaing eye contact respectfully and¬†repeating what was told to me to reassure the client that I am listening. All significant data was documented and reported to the appropriate staff member.

Objective 4 is establish an environment conducive to learning and use a plan for learners base on evidence base practice.

Evidence based practice is preferrable when creating a teaching plan or presentaion for a client, family and/or staff.  All presentations were conducted in a well lite conference room.

Objective 5 is utilize informational technoogy when managing individual and families in the community.

I integrated the use of information technology to develop and prepare our teaching material from dependable databases.  It is beneficial by way of identifying other community resources and services that has proven to be helpful with related subjects in our own community.  All clients identity and information/record were kept confidential at all times.

Objective 6 is demonstrating a commitment to professional development. 

I anticipated responsiblility by taking the initiative to learn about community nursing by completing all required assignments that were created to enhance my learning experience.  Weekly blogs allowed me to share my experience with my professor and fellow classmates.  This experience helped me look at myself on how I interact with my own family, along with clients and staff from various backgrounds.

Objective 7 is incorporating professinal nursing standards and accountability into practice.

The American Nursing Association standards were utilized during standards of care to collect data to develop teaching plans that address the clients need.¬† I practice within my range and demonstrated commitment to life long learning.¬† My behavior was in accordance with the organization’s expectancy and respect and support was given with the goal to serve the clients that we were¬†presented with.

Objective 8 is collaborating with clients, significant support persons and members of the healthcare team.

I collaborated with staff to design and create teaching materials for clients dealing with similar situations.  I assisted my clients to make appropriate lifestyle changes and encouraged them to seek treatment and advice when necessary.  Lifestyle changes included birth control, the use of contraceptives and abstinence.  Helping these clients identify community resources that offer free health care services  was shown to be helpful.

In conclusion,¬†I believe that community is rewarding, as well as challenging.¬† The experience provides us the students an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many individuals.¬†¬† Community¬† nursing also allows you to bond with many diverse backgrounds, which I personally enjoyed.¬† This clinical has opened my eyes to the current events happening within¬†the East Flatbush/Crown Heights¬†community along with how it is addressed by the individuals coming for advise and or treatment, specifically in¬†women’s health.