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  • East Flatbush (11203) Community Survey
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    I have lived in the zip code 11203 for all of my life, and it was not until this assignment did I realize that I do not know a single thing about my zip code. Since zip code 11226 is right across the street from where I live, and that’s where everything is, (train station, fast food, fruit and vegetable shops, hair salons, etc.), that’s where I always am, in 11226. So for this project I had to do some research to come up with accurate statistics.
    While walking around in 11203, for a change, it was like I was in another neighborhood. There were children playing outside of their houses, neighbors relaxing on their porches, and cars parked in every garage. The houses are all well maintained with lawns in the front, and the people appear to have secure jobs. It was like I stepped into the twilight zone, it’s the complete opposite of what I am used to which includes people taking mass transit instead of driving, houses without lawns, and people sitting on their stoop. As it turns out zip code 11203 is very residential, with very few stores, and no shopping centers.There are no green spaces, unless the cemetery counts, but there is one park where kids can play. Matter of fact I used to go to that park all of the time with my cousin as a child.
    There really aren’t many problems in this zip code, but I do know a couple of teenage mothers in the neighborhood. Their pride in being a teenage mother has led to multiple pregnancies and children. Another reason that they continue to repeat their mistakes is because their parents take care of their children for them, so they have no idea what it really takes to be a parent. This is probably not a problem that could be solved, but I think that the parents should make the teenagers take responsibility for their actions. It could be the only way the cycle would end.
    Living in zip code 11203 is quite peaceful for the most part. It’s pretty quiet, and somewhat like a suburb. As for the part I live in, it is noisy and alive like a city. It is the place I call home.

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