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    i have lived in Brownsville,Brooklyn for the past 5 years. i didn’t really know much about my neighborhood till i started to do the community survey. The only thing i had known about my neighborhood where the bad remarks i would hear some of the people on my block saying about the neighborhood. But in doing this project i learned much more about my neighborhood. i learned that there are a lot of stores near by where a lot of people go to shop on a regular basis, that there are about five or more supermarkets, plenty of schools for younger and middle school children and a large clinic that offers a variety of services for the community. i also noticed that there are many cultures in my neighborhood. the people are either for Caribbean decent or the they were born in the caribbean and immigrated here from the caribbean. but like most neighborhoods in the 5 boroughs, there are problems that affect my community. the first problem that i have noticed is violence. there are many fights that break out around evening hours and at night as well and along with it come the sounds of the police. the other problems that i noticed as well were obesity and the stacks of garbage that are piled up along the sidewalks and in garbage that is left on the elevators of the buildings in the area.

    there are a couple of things that a nurse can do in the community to help improver the conditions of the community, in order to cut down on the violence, nurses can teach the people of the community that violence is not the answer to every problem and that there are major consequences to violent acts, in order to cut down and prevent obesity is to keep up the farmers market that comes to the neighborhood because it brings fresh healthy fruits and vegetables to the community and by also instructing the people on the importance of healthy eating, and finally to help out with the problem about the garbage piles, the nurse can tell the people of the community that by leaving these piles out there that they can attract harmful bacteria that may cause the people of the community to become very ill.



    The obesity in our communities is due to the fact that families have low incomes and can’t afford to buy healthy food or groceries. When there are specials for fast food that cost little to nothing, of course the family will opt for that choice. This is the reason America is becoming rapidly obese. The economy is definitely contributing to these unhealthy eating habits.

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