My Phylosofphy of Nursing

My Philosophy of Nursing

I believe that nursing is the embodiment of caring, compassion, and integrity. I believe that every individual is unique; therefore, the care that I provide to them should be tailored to their individual needs, potential and circumstances. As a nurse, I should treat my patients with dignity, respect, kindness and fairness, regardless of their spiritual beliefs, race, social and financial status, and disabilities. Being their nurse also makes me their advocate. As such, I believe I should always protect my their rights and make sure they get the care they require and deserve. I should provide them with a safe environment, in which autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, integrity, justice and fidelity are fostered. I believe that caring for my patients also entails arming them with the tools they need to become active participants in their own care; and that their decisions regarding such care is to be respected and honored.

I believe that every decision and action I make and take should be aimed toward the improvement or sustainability of my patients’ health and should be implemented with their permission. I am accountable for every action and decision; therefore, it is my responsibility to always strive to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that the care I provide is second to none.


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