My Final Reflection

Matthew Morano


ENG 1101




December 15, 2021


Throughout this writing course, I have learned a lot about the techniques of writing and learned to explore ideas within myself. This class has shown me that I can be an independent thinker and writer and can adjust to new situations in life. This class made me realize that most of my life I had a lot of guidance. Although guidance is very helpful, I needed to prove to myself that I can do things on my own work in an Asyncronys setting. From the beginning, all this information was very new to me as I’ve always done my homework at school. This semester being online, I was forced to do a complete 360 as I do all my assignments in the comfort of my home. What I have realized is that it’s very hard to get things done in the home environment.  There was no one to get immediate questions answered and not anybody around just to have a conversation before class.  I realized nothing in life is easy and this English class has definitely shown me just that. From my “Shitty first draft” a quote that has really stuck out to me was when I spoke about my experiences from middle school to high school as stated, “Throughout those last 4 years, I have changed so much as an individual between going from phone calls every day in middle school, to the teachers speaking my parents on how much they appreciate me participating all the time in class”. The reason this quote is so important to me is because it shows how much I have grown throughout the years and I’m continuing to grow even as a college student. This helps me mentally prepare for the major that I’m going for which happens to be Radiology but to be even more specific an X-ray technician. I know that I will always have to be adjusting in life and when adversity hits, I’m not just going to give up but even better. I will bounce back and get back on my two feet even stronger than I once was before. My mindset has completely changed throughout this semester reason being that I have realized that I don’t have to depend on other people to help me out all the time and this class played a big role in being independent.  It allowed me to do work on my own.  Also, I learned that not having a teacher to speak to all the time was difficult hard but it made e realize that in college you’re more on your own than ever and it’s how you adapt to being independent that will help you rise to the occasion. 


I have had many assignments in this class, some have stuck out more than others and the experience with various “Englishes” was definitely one of them.  For example, “there isn’t one perfect English and there is slang and many other ways people get their points across and I’m glad I live in a very diverse area where I won’t be judged by the way I speak.”  This quote made me understand that there are many ways to communicate the English spoken language.  This helped me grow as a writer by going into my inner thoughts and expanding my thought process.  While writing this assignment, this was the first time that I have been opened minded to my writing. As a first-year college student, I’m not used to having a lot of writing papers and have never really expanded my inner thoughts and put them on paper or in this case a laptop. This topic was fairly easy to speak on because I believe that queens are one of the most diverse places in the world to live and this is a big point of emphasis in the reading about Various “Englishes”. For example, my friends and I use slang in our daily sentences. We use words like “Comp” which means that that nice or cool. This just proves that there isn’t one proper way of speaking the English language. As result, I believe that no one should discriminate on the way they speak or talk to one another.

The big point of emphasis I’m really trying to bring out is that I found out that I’m away better writer when it comes to writing about something that draws interest to me.

Another thing that I have learned from this class that I would never have thought of before is that you need to make sure the audience you are trying to reach out to will understand your message. For example, when reattaching and writing the paper I would always try to show and explain my points simlper to my audience. One example of this is when I started to create my Blog for Unit 3 and I stated” I hoped that the research would help enhance the viewers understanding of females not getting anywhere close to equal pay in the sports profession. I sure hoped that gave my audience a better understanding.” That Blog helped me learn so much about how to reach a certain audience. So, I thought that quote was a great example of how I grabbed all sports professionals’ attention to the topic.

As a conclusion to this class, I want to say that this writing has taught me so much as a writer and helped me find who I am as a human being. What I mean by this is that I proved to myself that if you put in the work you will see results. Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you professor for being so patient with me throughout this whole process. This online schooling was all so hard for me to begin with and I thank you so much for being patient with me and showing how I can become a better writer day in and day out. I’m so proud of myself for making it this far and can’t wait to carry these writing skills onto my daily life thank you.


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