Museum about Photo-Manipulation

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Museum about Photo-Manipulation
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This assignment is about Exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts

Exhibition Assignment

First I would like to say is that sadly I was not able to attend the Museum Exhibition the only day I could have gone was on Monday; just as I was about to leave to go to the museum I checked online the direction to it and noticed the museum was closed on Mondays. Photo manipulation has been going on for ages as early as the 1840s; manipulation of photography has its purpose whether it will be for good or for bad but mostly people use it for good for instance someone wants to take away wrinkles or make their waste slimmer than it already is adding people to an image when there were never near place the image was taken. One of the images that took my interest was Leap into the Voids; It was created by Yves Klein, and Photo Graphed by Harry Shunk and Janos Kender; The way it was created was two different images was taken one showing Klein Leaping with friends on group holding a tarpaulin to catch him; the seconds image was just a shot of the surrounding no one on ground nor Klein leaping and from there the two images were combined to make it seem like he was going to fly away or try to commit suicide.
The International load exhibition has traces of manipulation of photography from the 1840s through the early 1990s, when computers dominated handmade manipulations. The way manipulation of Photos were done by hand was by exposing the negatives using a technique

Called photomontage and combination printing;
The Next image I found interesting has no title as per Met Museum website but it was made by Jerry N. Uelsmann; he made the art work in dark rooms he add techniques to the picture to make it look the way it does, and to me it looks very good it has drama to it the black and gray shades add the suspense to it; it seems like this picture should go on the cover of a scary movie or a poster.
Many organization uses Photo Manipulation magazine companies use it to retouch models making them seem thinner than they actually are; some people actually have problems with it trade groups’ wants to make a code on how much a photo can be manipulated; what magazines are doing is creating beauty to sell eye candy pretty much. On the image below is after the makeup is done before the photo manipulation is started you can see from the manipulated picture she has more color, her lips are fuller, her neck was extended a little bit her eyebrows moved also and her cheeks were also touched up; you can tell that ad companies magazine companies do want to sell eye candy make it more appealing for reader.
Manipulation of Photo has become easier (After Photo Shop Era) Digital picture helps manipulate the photo by taking clearer shots and easily uploading it on computer rather than manually manipulate it thus losing color or important facts on the image. The image on the side looks like that child is actually smoking a cigarette; the child mother gave him a fake cigarette to play with; the other took the photo and using Hollywood special effect software she added wisps and smoke making the image realistic.
To sum it up Photo manipulation has it goods and has its bad it does not cure any problems in the worlds but it is out there for the world can use it to try and help themselves with whatever message they want to portray..


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