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Multimodal Project
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In your final project you must re-think or re-envision the Inquiry-Based Research you gathered in Unit 2, presenting it in a totally new multimedia composition and targeting a new, specific audience of your choice. For example, a revision that goes from an annotated bibliography to an audio podcast, OpenLab Project website, 3-minute movie, or digital essay. This assignment builds on the generic, rhetorical and audience awareness that students have worked on all semester long, asking them to consider what discourse community they are trying to reach and, not only what diction, but also what mode of delivery would be best for delivering that message. This “translation” is key to transfer, one of the core learning outcomes of this course. If students can take a message and transform it for different audiences and media, then they are well on their way to being able to transfer writing skills across fields, disciplines and discourse communities.
The project contains three parts: you will 1) convert your Inquiry-based Research Report into another medium, 2) write a Rhetorical Response that analyzes the rhetorical choices you made and conveys your understanding of the rhetorical situation, and 3) present your new media composition.

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