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Restorative Dentistry
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Hello my name is Milana Faylayev and i am 23 years Old , I have been in college for 6 years now, and if your wondering why i been in school for so long and dont have a career yet, well the answer to your question is i was in the Law field before and just got really tired of writing essays, so i decided to choose a different major that won’t take up anymore of my time and something that has hands on training. Im a very fast learner, i love to get to know and socialize with people, very determined, and the list just goes on and on ;.) .This is my first Semester in Restorative Dentistry, seemed very interesting because i work as a Dental Assistant for a Oral Surgeon and i find teeth very fascinating, so i decided if i cant extract teeth why not make it for people in order for them to have nice and beautiful smiles. Just like myself ;.).

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