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Mike Gonzalez Lopez is currently a student majoring in hospitality management at New York City College of Technology. Mike’s career goal is to become a well-known pastry chef and baker in the food industry once he completes his bachelor’s degree. At the age of seven, Mike knew sweets were his favorite thing and he developed a sweet tooth. After high school at the age of 18, he went to a technical school called Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology in Naples, Florida. While at Lorenzo his love for baking grew and his inspirations grew as well. After completing a course at Lorenzo Walker, he graduated with a certificate of culinary arts which led him to work at a cupcake bakery. While working at the bakery, Mike learned how essential recipes are to making a great cupcake. At the age of 21, Mike decided to move to New York City where his first job was as a busboy and later became a food runner. After six years working the front of the house and at the age of 27, Mike has now decided to continue his studies and trying to achieve his goals and dreams of becoming the pastry chef and baker he has always wanted to be.

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