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  • Walk to Brooklyn Bridge Park
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    Describe your walk to Brooklyn Bridge Park.



    My walk to the Brooklyn Bridge Park was quite enjoyable. It was a good mile to get there from City Tech and another mile to come back. Good way to burn off some calories in the morning. I went with another student from my table and he knew how to get there so we did not get lost.



    My walk to the park was interesting. I had microbiology lecture class right before and there is a few students that is in the same lecture and lab class as me. We traveled as a group but no one knew how to get there so we asked around until we got to Brooklyn Bridge Park. When we reached we could not find anyone else that belonged to the lab class. After a little while since we could not find anyone we decided to head back to the school where we found everyone else sitting in the classroom. As I concluded we were in a different part of the park so most likely we had to walk further down but its all in a learning experience.



    I got lost and gave up. Oh well next time


    julio h

    my walk to the park was quite enjoyable. i wish i didnt wear jeans that day though because it was pretty hot and i was burning up.
    i knew where the park was so i didnt get lost on my way there.
    i walked with another student who is in my group, on our way there, we found three students going the other way, me and the other student in my group stopped them and told them to follow me since i knew where it was.
    it was a good morning workout.



    My walk to the brooklyn bridge was a good experience, especially because i had the chance to bring my friend along. We took some water samples and pictures while we walked through the park. The day was also pleasant which i enjoyed.

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