Microbiology 3302 Lecture

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    My name is Vibri Cholerae. I have a curved rod shape body. My friends always say that i look great. I try to keep my size at .5-.8 μm width and 1.4-2.6 μm length. I wear my gair in a ponytail as a single flagellum and i use it for morality. I have a thin peptidoglycan layer of my cell wall, it is sandwiched between an inner cell membrane and my bacterial outer membrane. In gram staining I don’t like to be stained blue. I am a girly girl, I love to look pink after gram staining. I am labelled as gram negative bacteria. I have lipopolysaccharide coat witch provides protection against hydrophobic compounds and provide a surface for immune recognition, I am a facultative anaerobe, I love oxygen. I make ATP by aerobic respiration if I have access to oxygen, bur i am also capable of switching to fermentation or anoerobic respiration if oxygen is absent. usually, when i am growing during the logarithmic phase phase there is little or no change to my cellular envelope. However, towards the end of logarithmic phase and into the beginning of stationary phase I start producing toxin. I come from vibrio family, we are aquatic organisms. we are found in both marine and fresh water habitats. We all have relatively simple growth factor requirements. We grow in synthetic media with glucose as carbon and energy source. We require salt or seawater based medium for optimal growth. We toletate alkaline media and sensitive to acid and we grow in temperature 10-37 C. My family exist in many countries like India, Bangladesh, Africa, Australia, and Gulf Coast of the US. I love to travel to human body for vacation. The small intestine is the primary island for fun.If I ever win a trip to there, this what I would do. I would inbed myself in the villi of absorptive intestinal cells, and I would release toxin. My virulence factors are primarily pertain to adherence. I produce an enterotoxin witch caused the epithelium of the intestine to secrete excessive water and ions. the toxin is a protein that stimulates cAMP of epithelial cells witch inhibits Na and Cl ion absorption from the lumen of the intestine.


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