Microbiology 3302 Spring 2013 – Getting Friendly with Bacteria

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  • Candida Albicans
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    My name is Candida albicans, and I believe in opportunity at any given chance. That’s why I’m in at least 80% of the human population and in various places including the mouth, stomach, heart, skin ,vagina, fingers and nails. I’m not usually a bad guy, but if I see something I take it an claim it, so I guess I am a pathogenic fungus. I’m harmless in most people and can live a lifetime without infected someone while I’m inside them, but when they get things like tongue piercing(their asking for it) I attack. Infecting babies that are premature, Aids and immune dysfunctional patients and people having intercourse is something I’m not entirely proud of, but like I said I’m a opportunistic pathogenic gram-positive Fungus. I get out of control and overgrow and cause thrush in your mouth and tongue ,inflammation to the heart, yeast and vaginal infections, fatigue and headaches.

    I don’t mean to brag, but on Blood and Chocolate Agar plates i have small striations. I’m cream colored and on a gram stain, I turn purple and oval shaped from 4 to 8 ums. It usually takes my about 3 days to reach maturity in my culture. My cell wall has 3 groups of proteins that are alkalilabile linkage. One of my proteins have N-terminal signals, which exits the ribosome and uses intracellular postal codes to deliver messages to the right protein. Another one of my proteins lacks a secretory signal. Virulence factors include biomolecules,morphogenisis, and phosphliapases.

    My family members include Candida utilis, Candida tropicalis, C.kefyr, C.sojae and many many more, all yeast Fungi. My friends that i associate with are Saccharomycetes. A group of yeast infecting friends that reproduce by budding and a wide variety of habitats.

    Thank you for reading my Autobiography,and I hope your not a victim of my opportunistic habits.

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