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Mengxin Gao’s ePortfolio
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Communication Design
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My name is Mengxin Gao. I am a traditional Asian girl. My hometown is in Fujian, China. As Chinese, I am proud of our food history. In China, the most popular hobby for people is eating, so I like to eat. Noodles, rice, sushi, BBQ, etc, all are my favors. I like to watch anime. I attracted by those anime. I often draw a lot of characters, and I imagine the plot about them. Sometimes I will draw the character that I just saw on a cartoon. Sometimes I will create my own characters.
My major is advertising design because I like drawing and create the image that from my own, and create the idea that comes through my mind. In my free time, I like to draw pictures with classical music. It gives me enlightenment to my artwork. My goals are to be a designer because I love the sense that I feel when I add color, also to be a designer is my a goal I have had since my childhood.

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