MEDU2901 OL00, Fall 2020

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MEDU2901 OL00, Fall 2020
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Fall 2020
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Peer leader training in mathematics

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Discuss Your Experiences with Peer Leading

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Assignment: Upload a 3-page PDF File to Dropbox

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This is my last day for this semester as Peer leader and I enjoy this experience! I always love to […] See More

Were it not for the recent sequel, I would've probably been the only one (GenX-er) here to get […] See More

Hi everyone, My name is Irina Chernyavskiy and this is my first semester as a Math Education […] See More

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Peer Leading session #7

Wow, I agree with Kelly. We are required to show up by 10:40am but I always show up from to beginning to see what the Professor is covering and how he is teaching it. Do you have your own designated tutoring hours Irina? See MorePeer Leading session #7

Peer Leading Session 10

OMG Ihn, I'm reading your post following what I posted about my session last week. Its interesting to see that both classes are experiencing similar levels of confusion on graphing trig functions. I feel like it might be helpful to […] See MorePeer Leading Session 10

Peer Leading Session #10

I agree. At this point everyone, both teachers and students, are feeling burn out. The online learning environment can be very challenging and there need to be significant adjustments to workloads and expectations. See MorePeer Leading Session #10