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    Jeremy Lin

    If you see this, then here is what will be done in club every Thursday.

    1. Exoskeleton
    With the aid of hydraulics, the club will make calculations and research techniques to decrease the weight of the Exoskeleton but increase the load it will enable the user to handle.

    2. Electric Hub Skates
    Watch the anime Air Gear and you would get a glimpse of whats going to happen here.

    3. Dispersing Quad copter
    This project will contain multiple types of engineering that will be combined and create a finished product that will be able to disperse and return.

    The club members will learn about buying from websites and how to contact companies for custom parts. Also there will be a lot of communication because there is no I in team and there will be mistakes being made during research.


    gEORGE nWankwo

    is there a live .pdf that can be downloaded so I can get started on trying to catch up on the ongoing projects? I currently work full time during the day and take night classes. Willing to sacrifice any free time to play catch up. Any kind of help would be much appreciated.

    -George Nwankwo

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