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Communication Design
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My name is Maxim Petit-Homme and I’m pursuing my Associates degree in Communication design before I get my Bachelor’s. This is my first semester taking classes for this major. The supplies alone are a bit overwhelming and I’m extremely nervous. Failure is one of my worst fears apart from complete solitude. But despite that, I’m still looking forward to this! I am very curious to know what I’m good at because I’m still not entirely sure. I mean, I love photography and have a billion of creative ideas but I don’t know how to translate them into the real world. Hopefully this major will help me do just that!

Even though I have no idea what I’m good at I still have a few skills I guess, however minuscule or inapplicable they might be. First of all I love psychology and find it extremely extremely interesting and fascinating! So I practice psychoanalysis pretty much as soon as I wake up and as I go to bed. I find it so interesting that everyone has their own personal stories with varying levels of depth but we’ll never get to know them because they’re just some strangers on the train or anywhere. People are walking stories and I try to find out as much as I can as quietly as I can. Just by observing. Another passion of mine, as I mentioned, is photography. I remember it vividly. It all started at my friend’s eighth grade graduation. My father gave me his camera to take photos since he couldn’t be there. About a day or two later I received an influx of positive feedback from the photos I took. It made me feel really good for once. Like I was finally good at something. Even though it was people I took photos of at the graduation I enjoy taking pictures of life, the environment, nature, everything else. I think it’s impressive when I see pictures of a tree or a stop sign or anything irrelevant like that and make it look so appealing. That’s kind of what I want to do.

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