MAT2680 Differential Equations, FA2013

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    hello professor,
    can you please give us the steps ,how to find the domain.i am no clear on this.for example the problem y^{2}e^{-5x}y’ = 2x in web work. the domain is (-infinity,infinity),but don’t know how..

    and professor about home work page-47 problem-30-37.there is no problem in page 47.does it mean page 50.if so can u briefly go over problem-31.

    Thank You


    Ezra Halleck

    Hello Afzal,

    I appreciate your effort to make a public discussion on the issue, but its easier for me to understand what you are talking about if you ask your question from within webwork. That way I can see exactly which problem you are asking about and what solutions you have entered. From what you have above, note that the equation is nonlinear, therefore you can’t say anything about the domain in general.You can say which initial conditions are guaranteed solutions, but you don’t know there domains without working with that specific solution.

    Yes, you are right about the page number. It is page 48 or perhaps 50. Did you carefully study the solution in the slides? All the steps are there. By now, you should be able to be given an example with the steps explained and then apply to another problem which requires the same steps. If you get stuck, please come and see me in my office. I would be happy to help you get over some hurdle you are having trouble surmounting.



    Thank you for your replay. For some reason i forgot about the i thing i can do those problems.
    but about the domain; i did not want to mention problems from web work. i wanted to know the general steps which i know you discuss in class but not clear to me yet.i mention the web work problem which i got the answer anyway to just put an example.but it will be great if u go over domain in general again.

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