MAT2572 Probability w/ Statistics, FA2017

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  • Statistics and Probability in Mathematic Education - SonamG
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    My future career is become a math teacher, as a mathematic educator it is crucial to learn all kind of curriculums that is related to math including Probability and Statistics. The more you know the more you can teach. Statistical support for educational management can also help to better evaluate the data produced by students. Data analysis can also help point the effectiveness of the assessments themselves. allowing teacher to identify which items may be flawed in their presentation. Apply statistic in education also enables educators to construct a superior learning experience within the classroom. with large number of student in classroom, it is more difficult to know each one individually. But by triangulating and analyzing collected data it is possible to direct teaching for each student profile. All in all, probability and statistics is very important for a mathematic educator. A mathematic teacher need to know it very well, in order to teach he/her students also it also a very important tool or strategy in teaching career

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