MAT2572 Probability w/ Statistics, FA2017

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    Probability and Statistics is very important to my field of study, Electrical Engineering, In my field we use probability and statistics to predict the outcomes of certain events. For example,
    Planning for equipment lifetimes, reliability, probability of outage, statistics of overloads, lightning strikes all require S&P. If we operate this transformer 5 degrees hotter now, how likely would we need to replace it in 10 years? That is why we require P&S in the field however currently I am using P&S in my electrical classes for data sampling. We need nPr and cPr to determine sample rates. For daily usage I use P&S on the MTA to determine when to leave my house but as we all know, even with all the knowledge in the world we can’t seem to predict how the trains will work in this city.

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