MAT1575 Calculus II Spring 2015

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    I’m confused and having a bit of trouble with the latest webwork. The reason I’m confused is because for the first problem there seems to be two series that can be paired up with one of the choices given. I’ve also matched each series and proved whether they’re convergent or divergent but it keeps saying I’m wrong. Anyone else having the same problem?



    I do have the same problem…:(


    Kassem Chebli

    I had this same problem, but then i figured out that WebWork allows you to use the same choice more than once. Another hint which is pretty helpful:

    If you have ∑ (from n=1 to infinity) 1/(n^2+3)

    You can take the ratio of the powers of n, which would result in using 1/n^2 for your comparison. Then use the LCT to see if the series converges or diverges.

    Hope I was of some help…

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