MAT1375 OL73, Spring 2021

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    Levi Wang

    Hi, My name is Jieqin Wang, Also you can call me Levi, This is my second semester at City Tech,I was graduating from Franklyn D Roosevelt High school in Brooklyn New York. During the spare time, I would like to listen to music, watch movies, read the novel. In City Tech my major is Computer System and I am interested in the computer operating system and computer language, such as Python, Java, C language. When I was young I was interested in computers, I was surprised why do people can use those languages to writing a program even making a game. And I was asking for my parent. why does it can happen on the computer? My parent just said I need to figure it out by myself. They doing their best to support me in learning computer systems and different kinds of machine languages.

    As of right now, I am watching a lot of Korean drama… cause it is so boring I don’t have an interest in any new movie and drama.

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