MAT1375 OL72, Fall 2020

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    Rolando Tabar

    Hello my name is Rolando Tabar and my major is computer science, I chose his major because I have always been interested in technology so it just made sense to me. The genre I mostly listen to is Hip-Hop, I am currently watching Lucifer on Netflix and Fairytale on Hulu. In my spare time I design my own products and print them with my 3D printer, I use breadboard’s to practice my soldering and lastly I used to be a robotics mentor before Covid.



    Hey Rolando! It’s super cool that you used to be a robotics mentor, I’ve only ever dealt with robotics once a long time ago in middle school. Everyone talks about how good Lucifer is on Netflix I should really get into it lol, nice to virtually meet you though. Good luck with the rest of your semester!

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