MAT1375 OL72, Fall 2020

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    Hey Everyone!
    My name is Eve Baptiste, I’m 20 years old and almost in my third year at City Tech. My major as of right now is Liberal Arts of Science but I’m hoping to get into dental hygiene (fingers crossed), I became a certified dental assistant at the age of 18 and automatically fell in love with dentistry. I’m hoping to become an oral surgeon later on in the future, open up my own practice, and becoming a professor part time teaching dentistry. I enjoy watching a lot of horror movies and cartoons, I listen to a different variety of music including rap, hip hop, r&b, etc. In my spare time I love anything that has to do with fashion so 90% of the time I’m online shopping or styling an outfit lol! My pronouns are she/her and I look forward to working with everyone!


    Rolando Tabar

    Hello Eve! sounds like you have an incredible passion for dentistry, when I see people like yourself with a strong will to do what they believe in it truly does inspire me. (Fingers crossed) I hope you do make it into dental hygiene, Good luck with your semester.

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