MAT1372 Statistics with Probability

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    Ezra Halleck

    Gary Mei has asked the following questions:

    For #2 the bins 25 and 50 is it because of the 21 and 48. You just round up to the 5th? like if it’s 63 and 77 it would be 65 and 80?
    yes, you got it. With Excel, you are giving the right end points for each interval.

    For #7 how to you find the percentage of the V-diagrams
    Every family has a parent or a grandparent, so P(AorB)=100%. To find P(AandB), use P(AorB)=P(A)+P(B)-P(AandB)

    For #9 what do you press to make your calculator into that mode? and can you explain how to do 9)a if possible.
    Set calculator to “seq” mode:
    Press “mode” key and use down arrow key to get to “function”.
    Press left arrow key once to get to “seq”.
    Press “enter”.
    Press “y= ” key
    Set nMin=0
    For u(n), type 15, press math, move to prob, press 3, press “X,T,Th,n” ,
    type 12 press math, move to prob, press 3, type 6 – and press “X,T,Th,n”
    type / type 27, press math, move to prob, press 3, type 6
    press 2nd graph (table) to get the table

    and #10c can you explain this if possible.
    Perhaps the trickiest thing is to understand is the “3 choose 2”. To place the repeated letter, we need to decide on the 2 places where to put the repeated letter. We have a choice of 3 places {1,2,3}. We need to chose 2 of them. For instance {1,3} means that the repeated letter is put in the 1 and 3 slots. The 2nd slot would be where the non-repeated letter is placed by default. One basic fact about binomial coefficients is that they count subsets of size m from a larger set of size n.


    Osy Osehie

    Thanks for explaining these questions Professor.
    For the question #2, you had just 4 on the stem instead of 4.0 to have 4.02 and 4.06. I am not sure if that is correct or if it was an omission because it looks like 42 or 4.2. Please clarify this, thanks


    Ezra Halleck

    Yes, you are correct. I think this happens because I didn’t set the format for the column correctly. Change to number and then add one decimal place.

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