MAT1275, Ganguli, Spring2017

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    Suman Ganguli

    One more reminder that the Final Exam will be next Wednesday, May 24 (usual class time and room).

    We will do some review for the final in class on Monday (including going over Exam #4). But I have been trying to emphasize over the past couple weeks that, in order to prepare for the final, you should work through the Final Exam Review sheet–the final exam questions will be very similar in format to those exercises.

    I have also been recommending that you study the related quiz and exam solutions if you need help remembering how to do certain types of exercises. To help you do that, I wrote up a study guide to the Final Exam Review sheet. You can download it from “Files”:

    It lists the topic for each exercise on the Final Exam Review sheet, and also lists the specific exam and quiz questions similar to that exercise.

    I would recommend working through the topics from the previous exams (Exams 1, 2 & 3) before Monday, so that you have the last couple days before the final exam to review the topics on Exam 4 and get any questions answered.

    I will have extra office hours Monday & Tuesday (10a-12p on each day) to answer questions.

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