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    Suman Ganguli

    Please complete Quiz #6, which I handed out in class earlier this week, and hand it in on Monday. I’d planned to give this quiz in class, but in the interests of saving class time I decided to make it a “take-home” quiz. It will count the same as a usual quiz.

    If you didn’t get a hard copy in class, I’ve uploaded the pdf to “Files”. The main question on the quiz outlines how to solve a system involving a nonlinear equation (from Sec 9.4 of the Algebra textbook).

    This quiz also helps you start reviewing for the Final Exam (which is coming up a week from Monday, on Dec 19).

    In fact, you should start reviewing for the Final Exam immediately! To help you, I started writing up a guide to the Final Exam Review exercises, which reminds you what type of problem each exercise is, and points you to exam and quiz questions to review.

    I’ll be updating this Google Doc further over the next week, but here is the link so you can get started:

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