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    Suman Ganguli

    Here is the link to the Google Doc again–I just updated it to cover all 13 exercises from the Final Exam Review sheet:

    As I said in class today, you should start studying for the final now! The final exam is in 7 days, so I suggest trying to work through two questions from the Final Exam Review sheet each day.

    (You could start by knocking off a relatively easy topic, like #1 on the quadratic formula, and/or some of the trig topics from Exam #3, since we went through the solutions in class today.)

    We will do some review for the final in class on Wednesday (think of specific questions/topics it would help to review), but we’ll also have to cover one last topic (#13 on the Final Exam Review sheet). I’ll have additional office hours after class on Wednesday, as well as Thursday and Friday of this week, so that you can come in to discuss questions with me.

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