MAT1275 – Fall2016 – Ganguli

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MAT1275 - Fall2016 - Ganguli
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Fall 2016
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An intermediate and advanced algebra course. Topics include quadratic equations, systems of linear equations, exponential and logarithmic functions topics from trigonometry including identities, equations and solutions of triangles.

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Quiz #6 (take-home) + Final Exam review

Please complete Quiz #6, which I handed out in class earlier this week, and hand it in on Monday. I'd planned to give this quiz in class, but in the interests of saving class time I decided to make it a "take-home" quiz. It will count […] See MoreQuiz #6 (take-home) + Final Exam review

HW #11 (due Wed Dec 7) & Exam 3 Review

Below are some additional notes and hints on these Final Exam Review exercises, based on our discussion in class yesterday. Some general advice: If you get stuck on any of these exercises, start by reviewing the similar examples we did […] See MoreHW #11 (due Wed Dec 7) & Exam 3 Review

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