MAT 2580 Intro to Linear Algebra – Spring 2013 – Ganguli

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  • Application Project Proposals - email or post here by Friday
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    Suman Ganguli

    If you’re going to do the extra credit applications project, please email me your 1-paragraph topic proposal by Friday, or post it here.


    Ms. Desir

    Application to cryptography
    Loudia Desir & Samuel Banahene

    Cryptography deals with keeping private communications just that private. Cryptography uses matrices to
    encode and decode messages . Encryption is the way by which messages are encoded . It transforms data some unreadable form. Decryption is the way by which the messages are decoded. It is the reverse of encryption. It turns the message back into an readable data. The encryption and decryption of such messages requires a code or key. One type of code that are usually used in this process involves a large matrix that is used to encode the message. the receiver of said message uses the inverse of that matrix along with the code to decode the message.



    Application of Linear Algebra as it pertains to Genetics.
    Jason Kanjiravilyil & Shuji Su

    Genetics, the study of genes and variation in living organisms. Scientists who focus on the broad topic of genetics may seek to find a predictable way to determine the outcome of offspring. With so many variables many of the topics within linear algebra can be used to help determine the final outcome between two organisms. I hope to discuss through examples and other methods how topics such as inverse of a matrix, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors assist scientists in their research of Genetics.

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