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    Dung Mai

    Group Leader: Dung Mai
    Group Assistance: Andre Gopez
    Group members:
    _ClaudiAnn Godfrey
    _Simran Saini
    _Waleed Khalid
    _ Bin Zhao
    _Kishawn Hayes
    Abraham Deraha


    Dung Mai

    A.) At the lowest point on the dive, the tangent line becomes a horizontal line. The slope of the tangent line seems to be 0. This can also says that the velocity at that 0 is constant.


    Dung Mai

    D.) a'(t) = -250sin(t/2) +125



    will this be on a presented on a power point ?


    Dung Mai

    I heard the same but Professor also said we can show the answer on the board.


    Lucie Mingla

    It is true that i said that you can show the solution on the board, but isn’t that better to have it prepared in a power point ant start the explanations right away and we avoid any rushing and mistakes. We save some time also, right?
    It is inspirational, you are collaborating very well, just get everyone in the board!

    Great job!

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