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    Diego Guaman

    Group Leader: Diego Guaman
    Zahidah West
    Jorge Reyes
    Stephen Dronov
    Alex Flores
    Tobi Losotu
    Ivan Baltazar
    Andy Cuevas
    Nyasia Walter
    Brian Dawson
    Question #1 : Feel Free to write comments or concerns about this question


    Diego Guaman

    a) The graph shows that as more miles are hiked, the elevation increases until it begins to drop once a certain number of miles have been hiked. AT every point in the domain of e(x), if e(x) is decreasing than e'(x) is decreasing.
    b) At the highest point, the elevation stops ascending and then starts to descend (Increasing to decreasing)
    c) f'(x) = 250x-18.75x^2
    d) 0 = 250x-18.75x^2
    0 = (250 – 18.75x) x
    250 = 18.75x
    x = 250/18.75
    x = 13.333
    e) 125(13.333)^2 – 6.25(13.333)^3 = 7407 feet


    Brian Dawson

    I agree with the answer , which mathematic property/rule did you use to change 125x^2-6.25x^3 to 250x-18.75x^2?


    Zahidah West

    I agree with the solution of this problem.



    The solution is agreeable based on the work showed.


    Diego Guaman

    Guys, so far the only work I’m missing is Jorge’s and Nyasia, if you haven’t been receiving my messages and you’ve done the work, send the work to me at
    Jorge- 1A
    Nyasia- 1D

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