MAT 1475 Calculus 1, Spring 2020, Ghezzi

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    Laura Ghezzi

    It was nice to connect with so many of you today on Webex. To recap the meeting:

    1) I have uploaded the white board notes from today on OpenLab under “files”.

    2) Please read carefully as exam information has been updated to allow for more flexibility.

    I have increased the time for the test from 90 minutes to 120 minutes so you have more time to input your answers on WeBWorK.

    The test will open at 12:00pm on Wednesday 3/25 and close at 11:59pm on Wednesday 3/25. Students can take the test during any 2 hour blocks during that window. Just keep in mind that once the timer starts it cannot be paused, so choose the 2 hours that work best for you.

    After your WeBWorK submission (time is recorded in the system) you have 30 minutes to organize your written work (please make sure everything is clear) and email it to me. WeBWorK answers alone will not receive credit. They need to be supported by your work. Please scan your work and email as a single pdf file. See my previous message for details.

    Ideally, start the test at noon, it will close at 2pm and you need to send your work by 2:30pm. But if the evening works better, you could for example take the test 8-10pm and email me the work by 10:30pm.

    Reminder: The test is timed and you have 1 attempt. Before time is up you need to enter the answers and click on “check test”. “Check test” is the submission button, so do not press it before you are done, otherwise you will not be able to go back and submit answers (there are several technicalities in the system so I will not be able to reset it).

    Practice test is open until tomorrow, March 24 at 11:59pm.

    3) I will have office hours on Mondays and Wednesday 11am-12pm. Available via email, OpenLab, Webex.

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