MAT 1475 Calculus 1, Spring 2020, Ghezzi

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    Laura Ghezzi

    Dear All,

    On Monday at 12:00 pm please check your email: I will send you an invitation to join a video conference via Webex. You should have an account on Webex and can login using your CUNYFirst credentials. You should also be able to join just using the meeting number that is created when I start the meeting (I will email the numbet to you.)

    We will try a live session and see how it goes.

    It is good that several of you already tried the practice test on WeBWorK. Based on your questions and what I have seen I wanted to share some information/tips.

    1) The test is timed and you have 1 attempt. Before time is up you need to enter the answers and click on “check test”. “Check test” is the submission button, so do not press it before you are done, otherwise you will not be able to go back and submit answers (there are several technicalities in the system so I will not be able to reset it). The test opens at 12pm and you have 90 minutes to complete it (I have added 10 minutes for you to type your answers).

    2) Unlike the practice test, you will not be able to see your score right away in the system. This is because your grade will be based also on the work you will email me. You need to support all your answers with your work to receive credit. To have an idea of the work that needs to be shown I have posted the solutions of my version of the practice exam on our OpenLab site under “files”. (WeBWorK randomizes so each of us has a different version of the exam. Same types for problems but with different numbers.)

    3) On paper, make sure you write your question, show your work, and circle the answer.

    4) Please send your work as a single file. In the solutions I just posted I took pictures of my work and used the free app CamScanner. Students have recommended CamScanner, genius app, adobe scan. Have your favorite scanning app ready and email me your file as soon as you are done. I will accept submissions until 2pm.

    5) In case I have questions, see discrepancies, or need clarification about your WeBWorK submission and/or your written work I will arrange an oral exam with you through a video conference.

    6) You can use notes, textbook, graphing calculator. Even if it is open notes you need to study, otherwise you will run out of time in the test if you are using too much time to look at your notes. The test consists of problems that were already assigned, so doing the homework is an excellent preparation.

    7) Work must be your own.Important message from the department: Academic integrity is an important component of this process. Any work that you submit must be your own. The math department takes academic dishonesty very seriously. Any student who uses devices, software, websites, or resources other than the ones permitted by their instructor will be found in violation of CityTech’s Academic Integrity Policy and will be reported to the Academic Integrity Committee. Consequences may include probation, failing grades, suspension and expulsion.

    8) I was able to set another practice test attempt, so everybody will be able to try 2 times. Since it is randomized version 2 will be different from version 1. If you submitted both versions and did not finish you can access the test by clicking on it, do problems on paper, check the box “Show correct answers” and “check test”. The practice test score does not count for your grade, it counts as “Attendance” for Monday, March 23.

    Looking forward to talking with you on Monday. Be safe and healthy!


    Laura Ghezzi

    Reminder: Exam is on Wednesday, March 25 at 12pm


    Marco Cores OPENLAB

    Sorry a lot is going on so fast the last practice test counted for attendance if so sorry I couldn’t make that and is there another posted sory


    Laura Ghezzi

    The practice test is open until Monday at 1:40pm

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