MAT 1475 Calculus 1, Spring 2020, Ghezzi

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    Laura Ghezzi

    Please read carefully one more time the full FINAL EXAM INSTRUCTIONS posted at:

    Quick summary:

    FINAL EXAM WeBWorK URL (NOT our usual class site)

    Login information was sent to the email address you have on file in CUNYFirst. Please contact me immediately if you have issues.

    FINAL EXAM DATE AND TIME The final opens on Tuesday at 12AM and closes on Wednesday at 11:59pm.

    Once you start your exam in WeBWorK a 2-hour timer will start. After your timer ends, you will have another 30 minutes to prepare PDF of your written work. This means you will have a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes to take and submit your exam.
    You can click “Grade Test” a maximum of 2 times.

    SECOND ATTEMPT Twenty-four hours after your 2-hour exam timer ends (as long as the 2-day exam window is still open) you will be automatically be permitted to take a brand new version of the exam in WeBWorK. Plan to take two attempts: once on Tuesday and once on Wednesday. You must submit written work for both attempts. I will grade only one version: the one which earned a higher WeBWorK score.

    LATE WORK SUBMISSION You have 30 minutes after your WeBWorK timer ends to submit your written work. The exam score drops by 5 points for every additional 30 minutes.

    IMPORTANT-HOW TO PREPARE WRITTEN SOLUTIONS On paper, make sure you show all your work in a clear and organized manner, and circle the final answers that you submitted in WeBWorK. In particular correct notation is very important. As discussed in class, when solving problems about increasing/decreasing/local maximum/local minimum/concavity/inflection points you need to show an appropriate sign chart, including which points you are testing. WEBWORK ANSWERS ALONE WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT. They need to be supported by your work. PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME ON YOUR WRITTEN WORK.

    ATTACH A COPY OF YOUR CITYTECH PHOTO ID TO YOUR WRITTEN WORK. Only City Tech photo ID will be accepted. Do not attach any other personal ID.

    IMPORTANT-FILE SUBMISSION-SINGLE FILE. This is very important for record keeping with the department.
    After your WeBWorK submission (time is recorded in the system) you have 30 minutes to organize your written work and email it to me.
    SUBMISSION REQUIREMENT: Please scan your work and email me as a single pdf file.
    PLEASE NAME THE FILE LastnameFirstname.pdf
    For second attempt LastnameFirstname2.pdf

    ALLOWED MATERIALS: You can use class notes, textbook, homework that you have done. You can use a graphing calculator to check your work, however graphing calculators answers alone will not receive credit. WORK MUST BE YOUR OWN.

    IMPORTANT-ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Please review carefully the message from the Math Department Chair

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