MAT 1475 Calculus 1, Spring 2020, Ghezzi

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  • Extra credit opportunity and exam final instructions
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    Laura Ghezzi

    Read carefully: 5 points of extra credit for following all these instructions!!!!! Now that we are under distance learning reading and following instructions is an extremely important skill!

    1) The test is timed (120 minutes) and you have 1 attempt. The test will open at 12:00pm on Wednesday 3/25 and close at 11:59pm on Wednesday 3/25. Students can take the test during any 2 hour blocks during that window. Just keep in mind that once the timer starts it cannot be paused, so choose the 2 hours that work best for you.

    2) Click “preview” and preview all your answers to make sure you entered what you meant to enter. Before time is up click on “grade test”. “Grade test” is the submission button, so do not press it before you want to submit, otherwise you will not be able to go back and submit answers (I will not be able to reset it). You must submit your answers before time is up.

    3) You do not have to enter the units in the word problem on distance/velocity/acceleration, just the numerical values.

    4) On paper, make sure you write your questions, show all your work in a clear and organized manner, and circle the answers.
    After your WeBWorK submission (time is recorded in the system) you have 30 minutes to organize your written work and email it to me. WeBWorK answers alone will not receive credit. They need to be supported by your work. PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME ON YOUR WRITTEN WORK.

    5) Please scan your work and email me as a single pdf file.
    PLEASE NAME THE FILE FirstnameLastname.pdf

    Mine would be LauraGhezzi.pdf

    (I took pictures of my work and used the free app CamScanner. Students have recommended CamScanner, genius app, adobe scan. Have your favorite scanning ready.)

    6) You can use notes, textbook, graphing calculator. Work must be your own.

    7) IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE MATH DEPARTMENT: Academic integrity is an important component of this process. Any work that you submit must be your own. The math department takes academic dishonesty very seriously. Any student who uses devices, software, websites, or resources other than the ones permitted by their instructor will be found in violation of CityTech’s Academic Integrity Policy and will be reported to the Academic Integrity Committee. Consequences may include probation, failing grades, suspension and expulsion.

    8) If you follow all of the above you earned 5 points of extra credit! Good luck!

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    Got it!
    Thank you so much!

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