MAT 1272 Statistics, SP2014

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    Ezra Halleck

    List 3 reasons why a sample survey is often preferable to conducting a census.



    A sample survey is preferable than a census because it takes less time to do a sample survey. It is less expensive to do a sample survey than a census of a whole population and if the survey procedures are done right it can be a good representation of the population.



    1) Less time
    2) Good representation of the population
    3) Cheaper


    Aziza R.

    Sample survey can target specific groups without biased results. Also requires less training and support



    sampling is less expensive, more accurate and doesn’t take alot of time.


    Caroline Carreño

    It is more difficult to do a census. Doing a survey will involve:

    1) Less Time
    2) Less $
    3) Less Labor


    Ezra Halleck

    Thanks all for your contributions. Discussion is not a place where you are expected to chime in. Please make sure that if you add a comment it is something new. Also try to take the topic deeper. Finally be sure that what you write contributes to the discussion. How a survey is conducted (“Good representation of the population”) is a different issue than whether a survey or census should be done.
    One point that is worth emphasizing is that a census of a large population takes a long time. By the time the census is complete and the analysis is performed, issues and opinions could have changed or may not be of interest any more. Political opinions especially and often social opinions like support of gay marriage often change too quickly for a census to be the tool of choice.

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