MAT 1272 Statistics, SP2014

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    Ezra Halleck

    8) *A recent report indicated that waiters and waitresses at a casual dining restaurant make an average of $100 per night in tips with a standard deviation of $15. Colleen works in a casual dining restaurant and does not think this is correct. She feels she makes less than $100 on an average night. Over the next 30 work day nights, she computes her tips and the average is $93. Does Colleen make significantly different than what the report stated? Use a 0.01 level of significance.


    vivian gomez

    H0 U=100 Claim

    H1 U not 100

    Z= 93-100/15/sr30

    Z= -2.55 P= 0.0054 X2= 0.0108 > 0.1

    We fail to reject the H0. There is not enough evidence that Collen earnings are different than the claim


    Leonardo Calegare

    Here is a better look at the answer through the graph.

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