MAT 1175 – Fundamentals of Mathematics

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    Rebecca Kogan

    A –
    During the hand-on component, we came across problems due to the unrealistic measurements of our model. It is almost impossible to build a three foot bridge only one centimeter wide. In the future, an interesting thing to look into would be how we can make this model work with these measurements, altering materials or other aspects of the model. On the other hand, another mathematical aspect can be to divide by a number smaller than 2,000 (the number we chose to use to downscale the actual measurements of the Brooklyn Bridge). Although the length would be a lot longer than three feet, it would make the bridge easier to build with a width of more than once centimeter.

    Working with a group in a commuter school was not easy. Both of my partners lived in different areas and it was extremely difficult to get together. Eda had to travel to my house from Brooklyn, whereas I live in Staten Island. Another issue was getting our schedules to mesh. All three of us work, and have different classes at different times at City Tech. Although it was not easy, we managed to get our project done in time.

    Building the bridge was a lot funner than we thought it would be. We had food and drinks and music. It wasn’t like doing a project for school at all. It was pretty funny trying to build the bridge with popsicle sticks with little or no knowledge on how to do so whatsoever. We had many attempts but finally succeeded. Our bridge came out super nice, despite the errors in our measurements.

    I feel as though throughout the project I was somewhat annoyed and irritated it was so difficult to get together. It was hard to not get angry when someone couldn’t show up or someone cancelled, myself included.

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