MAT 1175 – Fundamentals of Mathematics

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  • Individual Progress Report One for Group Project ( #15)
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    Sandy W.
    Pro. Halleck
    My group project is to describe the different ways me and my group members get to school. We have to describe the different ways individuals can get to school by train. We have to compare the different ways my group members and I travel to school. We will compare the length and time it takes each of us to get to and from school. We also have to describe how efficient each of our trips are. So far, I have researched my travel distance and time, as well as my group member Erick L. Travel time and distance. I have also researched the time and distance from the furthest stops of the trains that come to City Tech from other boroughs. We will be making a poster showing the different ways of getting to school with photos and explain our travel routes. I plan to take pictures at subway stops close to the school and take pictures of the trains you can take at those stops. I will also help buy any materials we may need to complete this project. I plan to also do some research on efficiency of the trains that can bring us to school, how reliable are they compared to other transportation.

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