MAT 1175 – Fundamentals of Mathematics

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    Nahim Mishi – Pro. Reitz

    For our project, we chose to measure and paint the planks of the Brooklyn bridge. We want to see how long it would take to paint all the planks and an estimate of how many people it will take. The planks will be painted pink in honor of breast cancer. The reason for choosing a symbol of beast cancer is to show tribute to the many woman that have lost their life due to breast cancer. Also it is a big tourist attraction and a benefit of the city. The math component of our project is to measure the amount of paint that will be needed for the planks. We will also be calculating the time spent to paint the planks. The part that I have played in the process of this project so far is to contact my partners and also to see when we can meet up. To now we have to measure the planks by hand and see the length and also calculate the people needed to do so. Since two of our partners has dropped the class, it has been hard for us to meet up. For our final presentation we are planning to do a slide show and have a picture of the planks in pink photo shopped.


    Rahshawn Barber – Prof. Reitz

    I have been having communication problems with my fellow group members. I have yet to meet my other partners from mr halleck class to actually come up with a project idea. I personally have an idea on what project should be based a pour and would love to meet my group members to actually make a final decision. It came to my attention that this thursday there will be a meeting of both classes. I will be eagerly looking forward to this class meeting to resolve my group communication problems. So my group can get to finishing this project on time.



    Tanya Vukosavljevic- Prof. Reitz

    The description of my project is how long did it take to build the Brooklyn Bridge and how many people were involved? The hands-on component will make power point slides of the Brooklyn Bridges history, which will require to do research on it. The math, physics or other science component the role of machinery in the evolution of jobs over time. Example if the Bridge was built all over again today with advanced machinery, it would be finished sooner and it would require less amount of people to work. Research on how the Brooklyn Bridge was built then and how are bridges built now. What I have contributed was putting the project together. What I will contribute is doing more research on the Brooklyn Bridge. My project is still pending.( I emailed further info). I tried contacting other members and no response.

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