MAT 1175 – Fundamentals of Mathematics

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    The title for my groups project is called “Lighten D’Bridge”. It is based on research of the Promenade, which is the park located vertically to the Brooklyn Bridge. For our project we are going to make a scaled model of the Brooklyn Bridge and promenade. Since the holiday season is coming up, we decided to put a Christmas theme. Our goal is to decorate the perimeter of the bridge and the promenade with Christmas reefs/ornaments. I bet you are wondering, “Where is the math and science?” But in order to decorate the bridge, we need the measurement of the Bridge perimeter and how much reefs we need that will fit on our budget. Next, lets say if we can afford 10 reefs, we would also have to measure the distance between each reef. The science part is dealing with how much carbon dioxide and energy needed to light each reef. In order to build our bridge we are using Popsicle sticks. The reefs will be green with red bows and have white lights.

    My contribution to the groups includes helping pay for the materials and doing the research on the actual measurements of the Brooklyn Bridge. After the last meeting we plan on meeting twice a week to start building together.

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