MAT 1175 – Fundamentals of Mathematics

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    Ezra Halleck

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    Part A:
    1.) What would of been an easier way to get realist scale numbers of the Brooklyn bridge to make our model?
    2.) If we used smaller tools, toothpicks-instead of pop sticks, would it have been easier to build the bridge and help us get a better scale model?

    Part B:
    i.) The hardest part of working as a group is trying to get everyone together and the same time. Everyone lived very far from one another so we had to worry about traveling. We also had to get everyone times to work together so we can all put in equal work into the project.
    ii.) The part of the project I enjoyed the most was building the bridge model. Even though we did not come close at all to our measurements or a scale model, it was still fun to put it together and express our creativity.
    iii.) I felt very nervous. I was nervous that we were not giving yourself enough time to work on the project, I was nervous that our numbers were not realistic for a scale model. Overall I was nervous that our professor would not like the fact that our model did not come out how we said it would.


    Rebecca Kogan

    Professor Halleck, Saturday evening I posted my own discussion topic with the extra credit. I hope this got the 5 points since I did not post my assignment on here where my powerpoint is.

    Thanks, Rebecca Kogan

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